Manual Circlecut Manual Circlecut Tray Sealer

The Large table vacuum machine has deep chamber, wider seal bar and longer length. It's maximum tabletop serials to pack huge items.


 Smart Digital Control Panel

 All Transparent Visual Lid

 • Multiple program memories with quick switch button  • Made of High-impact acrylic material
 • Easy and fast to remove and install the panel by hand  • Durable sealing lid gasket by Special “V” sharped design 
 • Totally adjustable for customers‘ various demands  • With buckle of lid to smoothly lock and unlock
 • Can manual stop and sealing for packaging of liquids
 • Connect with effortless unusual designed hinges
 • Splash-proof design to adapt many places

 Food-Grade Main Structure    

 Robust Sealing System

 • Constructed of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel 
 • Design patent for fastener of seal wire for add service life
 • Use advanced laser cutting technology to produce
 • Double-seam is alternative 
 • Smooth feeling by meticulous surface treatment
 • Double-seam with cutting-off is alternative 
 • Maximum cost-effectiveness by finite element analysis
 • Two sealing bars is alternative
 • Glossy chamber and beautiful brushed shell
 • Plug-in without cables sealing system is alternative

 Reasonable Thermal Design

 Easily Maintaining Design
 • Design patent for thermal holes of fan 
 • Simple to open or close the shell
 • Design patent for thermal holes of vacuum pump
 • Clear Oil level viewing window
 • Finger can not be insert into all thermal holes 
 • Not difficult to replace the oil of vacuum pump
 • Ensure machine is available after long duration of work
 • Easy to displace wearing parts


 Gas Flush System
 Filling plates
 • Flush protective gas into pack bags
 • Adjust the height of chamber to suit packed items
 • 2 or 3 nozzles in one side to adapt various pack size
 • Decrease the space of chamber to reduce the time of suction
 • With convenient clamp of bag

Inclined Support

 • Special design for liquids packaging

 • Easy to set up and take away

 • Adjustable baffle for different package size


Fresh Meat Sausage Sous-Vide Seafood Sauce Pickle

Cereal Vegetable Tea & Herb Money Document Clothing

Bacon Chicken Duck Chop Metal Industrial items

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DS-2 DS-4

Max. Tray Size*1

Sealing Plate

240×150mm 260×180mm

Max. Depth Of Tray

140mm 140mm

Max. Width Of Film

180mm 200mm

Max. Diameter of Film

140mm 140mm

Circle Time

up to 8/Min up to 8/Min

Power Consumption 0.7kW 0.7kW



Net Weight / Gross Weight


Machine Size | W x L x H  (mm)


Shipping Dimensions (mm)


*1 The machine is normally sold with one mould, and the mould could be customized.           *2  Connection could be customized.

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Manual Crosscut
Manual Crosscut

Up to 8/min Circle Time
Flexible to fit different size of tray

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