The process of vacuum packaging will make liquid or wet items reached their boiling point, and the liquid item will boil and evaporate to the out of vacuum bag.

There are 2 solutions to avoid this problem.

1) vacuum packaging in a cold temperature. For example, the temperature is better below 10(50) to water.

2) When the liquid items begin to boil, should quickly stop sucking of air and enter next work process. Our advantage vacuum machine have the "STOP" function, and you can one-key to stop.

And there is an another normal issue that liquid itme will be sucked out because of its fluidity.

When you pack liquid items, such as Soups, Stew, Marinades, Sauces and Dips, the sucking out item will dirty the chamber, destroy the secure of bag sealing or damage the vacuum pump.

But, Use the inclined board let liquid item be sucked out as difficultly as possible.


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