Large Tabletop Large Tabletop Vacuum Machine

The Large table vacuum machine has deep chamber, wider seal bar and longer length. It's maximum tabletop serials to pack huge items.


Smart Digital Control Panel

• Quick multi programs switch

• Panel mask Support customization

• Support manual sealing

• Accurate parameter control

All Transparent Visual Lid

• Made of high-impact acrylic material

• Effortless designed hinges

• Durable sealing lid gasket by Special “V” sharped design

Food-Grade Main Structure    

• Constructed of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel

• Use Switzerland laser cutting device to produce

• Smooth feeling by meticulous surface treatment

• Strong structure by finite element analysis

• Glossy chamber and beautiful brushed shell

Robust Sealing System

• Design patent for fastener of seal wire for add service life

• Double-seam is alternative

• Double-seam with cutting-off is alternative

• Two sealing bars is alternative

• Plug-in without cables sealing system is alternative

Efficient Heat Dissipation

• Powerful thermal fan 

• As soon as turn off machinefan will close

• Patent design for thermal holes

• Availble eight consecutive hours working

Easily Maintaining Design

• Simple to open or close the shell

• Clear oil level viewing window

• Not difficult to replace the oil of vacuum pump

• Easy to displace wearing parts


Gas Flush System

• Flush protective gas into pack bags

• 2 or 3 nozzles in one side to adapt various pack size

• With convenient clamp of bag

Filling plates

• Adjust the height of chamber to suit packed items

• Decrease the space of chamber to reduce the time of suction

Inclined Support

• Special design for liquids packaging

• Easy to set up and take away

• Adjustable baffle for different package size

Mobile Machine Stand

• Made of high-quality stainless steel

• Two compartment to put items or bags

• The front gate can be remove

• The back active gate is  alternative


Fresh Meat Sausage Sous-Vide Seafood Sauce Pickle

Cereal Vegetable Tea & Herb Money Document Clothing

Bacon Chicken Duck Chop Metal Industrial items

Technical Specification



DZ-390 T DZ-450 A DZ-500 T DZ-500 BT

  Vacuum Pump Capacity





  Seal  Length | S

390mm 440mm 500mm 480mm

  Distance Between Seal Bar | B


415mm 505mm 565mm

  Alignment Of Seal Bar

  Chamber Depth | D / D*1 

110/170mm 170/220mm

  Chamber Size


  Chamber Shape

Arch*2 Or Flat
Flat Flat Flat


0.75kW 0.75kW


230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz

  Net Weight / Gross Weight

65/77kg 64/74kg 87/106kg 90/110kg

  Dimensions | W x L x H  (mm)

610×470×500 560×520×490
675×590×510 745×570×510

  Shipping Dimensions (mm)

670×530×550 610×570×540
750×660×560 820×640×560

  Circle Time 1-2/Min 1-2/Min

*1 with high DOM-Lid    *2 suitable for liquid or round items    *3 could be customized

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