Tabletop MAP Machine 台式气调托盒包装机

Tabletop MAP tray sealer is suitable for packing kinds of frozen fresh meat, cooked meat, fast meal, pastries, cheese, bean products, seafood, poultry meat, etc. The machine is an economical and practical small fresh-keeping machine, which is built in a mini air compressor. It has two main advantages. The first advantage is that it is with a simple structure. If a machine breaks down after a long-term operation, customers can easy to change the accessories and parts. The second advantage is stable performance. As long as customers correctly operate the machine, it can maintain a good use effect.

The positioning of this machine is a shop use machine. For a small amount of production, a tabletop MAP tray sealer can perfectly meet customersdemands. Its price is affordable and has a MAP function. The brightest spotlight is that the machine has a control panel. Customers can set parameters, according to their requirements. Thus, customers can get kinds of sealing effects. In addition, the machine has a beautiful and refreshing appearance. Its shell is made of 304 stainless steel. Compared with other cheap machines with 201 stainless steel, all Dajiang machines focus on the customersexperience and quality of the machine.

Technical Specification


DJT-270G DJT-400G

 Max. Tray Size


 Max. Sealing Plate

310×200mm 330×220mm

 Max. Depth Of Tray

60mm 70mm

 Max. Width Of Film

270mm 390mm

 Max. Diameter of Film

220mm 390mm

 Packing Speed

5-6 cycle/min 5-6 cycle/min

 Air Exchanging Rate ≥99% ≥99%

 Power Consumption




230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

 Net Weight


 Machine Size | W x L x H  (mm)


*1 The machine is normally sold with one mould, and the mould could be customized.           *2  Connection could be customized.

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Max.Tray Dimension: 330*220*70 (mm)
Air Exchanging Rate: ≥99 (%)
Consumer Power: 1.8 (kW)
Packing Spped: 4-5 (cycle/min)

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