Tabletop Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine 台式真空贴体包装机
More and more people can’t be content with MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging). The most immediate reason is that customers want to extend the expiration date. A longer expiration date can create more business value. In addition, some customers pursuit a new appearance, they will use a tray to place their food.
Manual vacuum skin packaging machine is more suitable for restaurants, which sell beef, seafood, etc. In 2021, our product’s appearance changed. We throw old appearance, and choice the new one, which is more beautiful. What’s more, we improve the performance. Not only you can see an alternative packaging, but also the tray has a clean film edge. There is no doubt that these can help to sell products.

Technical Specification
Max. Tray Dimension

275mm×200mm×30mm (one tray)

200mm×140mm×30mm (two trays)

Max. Width of Film
Max. Diameter of Film
Packaging Speed
2 cycle/min
Vacuum Pump
220V/50HZ 100V/60HZ 240V/50HZ
Gross Weight
Net Weight
Machine Dimension
Shipping Dimension

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Packing Speed:2-3 cycle/min
Vacuum Pump:100 cbm/hour
Electrical Requirement:380V/50 Hz
Consume Power:5.5 kW

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