Floor Type MAP Machine Airflow Replacement MAP Machine

Technical Characters:

1. Programmable control system.

2. Touch screen control panel.

3. 304 stainless steel main construction.

4. Fault real time prompting function.

5. Mould is available to be changed and customized mould is acceptable.

Technical Specification

Model DJL-320G DJL-440G
Max. Tray Dimensions(mm) 390×260×60(×1 380×260×60(×2)
Max. Width of Film (mm) 320 440
Max. Diameter of Film (mm) 240 260
Packing Speed (cycle/min) 5-6 5-6
Air Exchanging Rate(%) 99 99
Eletrical Requirement( V/HZ) 220/50 380/50  220/60
Consumer Power (kW) 1.5 2.8
N.W. 125 260
Machine Dimension (mm) 1020×920×1400 1200×1170×1480

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