Floor Type MAP DJLV-410

DJL410-H series MAP Tray Sealing Machine could be used to pack various types of fresh seafood, cooked food for fresh keeping packaging. According to different food character, it's fixed different fresh protection gases and gas mixer, which ensure that food could be reached the best status of fresh keeping.
DJL410-H series MAP Tray Sealing machine is suitable for fresh keeping package of cold fresh meat, cooked food, fast food, pastry, flour, cheese, been products, seafood and poultry.


 High Oxygen Vacuum Pump

 • Suitable to high oxygen atmosphere for safety sucking air

 PLC Programmable Control System

 • PID temperature regulation precisely control temprature

 • With circuit protection device and warning device

 Human-Computer interface touch screen

 Electrical elements

 Pneumatic elements

 Germany original packaging imported gas mixer

 • provides stable and accurate gas supply

 Automatically tray mould pass in and out

 • reduce the human working intensity

 Independent closed space gas exchange technology

 • ensure high gas exchange rate, gas exchange rate will be better than 99-99.5%

 The simple structure and changeable tray mould

 • allowed one machine could be available for multiple different size trays

 Fault alarm assure the easy operation

 SUS304 stainless steel construction
 • comply with hygiene for machine used in food industry

Technical Specification



DJL-410 DJL-410G

Max. Tray Size*1

Sealing Plate


Max. Depth Of Tray


Max. Width Of Film


Packing Speed

4 cycle/min

Working Pressure


Air Filling Precision ≤ ±1%

Power Consumption



230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Net Weight 


Machine Size | W x L x H  (mm)


Vacuum Capacity
100 m3/h

*1 The machine is normally sold with one mould, and the mould could be customized.           *2  Connection could be customized.

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Max. Tray Dimension:390×260×60 (mm)
Max. Width of Film:320(mm)
Air Exchanging Rate:≥99(%)
Consume Power:(kw)

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