Manual Crosscut Manual Crosscut Tray Sealer
The Manual Tray Sealer is widely applicable to the package of raw and cooked meat, seafood, dairy product, fruit and vegetable, rice and flour food. It is an electrically heated, manual tray sealing machine, is used to seal the trays with lidding film. It is a simple and economical food packaging machine which is suitable for food shop and small food processing workshop.


Stainless Steel Construction

Tray mould fast replacement

Electronic temperature controller

•   Brand

Friendly and simple in operation for user

Support Customized Mould

• Mould in customized dimension is acceptable to be made according to your own tray.

Technical Specification


DS-1 DS-3

  Max. Tray Size*1

  Max. Sealing Plate

250×180mm 270×220mm

  Max. Depth Of Tray

100mm 100mm

  Max. Width Of Film

180mm 220mm

  Max. Diameter of Film

160mm 160mm

  Circle Time

up to 8/Min up to 8/Min

  Power Consumption 0.7kW 0.8kW



  Net Weight / Gross Weight


  Machine Size | W x L x H  (mm)


  Shipping Dimensions (mm)


  *1 The machine is normally sold with one mould, and the mould could be customized.           *2  Connection could be customized.

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